About Us

Taichang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in organic synthetic dyes and
pigments that is constantly challenging technical innovation for a sustainable future.

Taichang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialty
manufacturer of organic synthetic dyes.

Established in 1976, Taichang Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed and produced high-quality differentiated dyes and pigments for a wide range of fields such as textiles, inks, papers, leather goods and aluminum. During the time when the textile, leather and fur dye industries in Korea depended on imports, we played an important part in the development of Korean industry as the only fur dye manufacturer. We developed a new technology called Food Dyes based on the food color manufacturing techniques of Japan to aim at ink for stationery and inkjet cartridges, and grew into a specialty manufacturer of organic synthetic dyes while contributing to the import substitution of the ink dye market where Korea depended entirely on imports. Since then, we’ve strengthened our abilities in our core businesses including solvent dyes, aniline black pigments and anodizing dyes and launched various products for IT devices and electronic equipment, and we keep developing new products in order to promote the domestic dye/pigment industries and make a sustainable future. As global interest in eco-friendly materials has grown recently, we’re also considering expanding our business to environmentally friendly materials to join in preserving the earth.

What We Offer For You

To provide optimized service to our customers beyond quality
To innovate the quality of higher-value products and satisfy our customers’ expectations
To grow into a world-class organization by developing better technologies
Core Value
To respond positively to environmental changes
and compete fairly