We manufacture higher-value dyes
with our 45 years of technology and know-how.

Fur Dye

These are fur dyes with deep and soft color and great color fastness.

Product Information
Features Cost reduction effect due to excellent tinctorial power, good leveling and fastness properties and simple dyeing processes
Use Dyeing furs such as mink fur, fox fur and rabbit fur

Oxidation dye

  • O-Yellow L

  • O-Red P

  • O-Navy Blue R

  • O-Brown TEG

  • O-Brown 2G

  • O-Brown 3G

  • O-Grey B

  • O-Black B2B

  • O-Black H2

Acid Dye

  • Yellow E

  • Blue BR

  • Brown N-2

  • Grey B

  • Acid Black G

  • Fur Black G