Business Areas

Taichang Chemical Co., Ltd.
manufactures higher-value products
with our 45 years of technology and know-how.

We provide better solutions
with the best quality and differentiated value.

Taichang Chemical Co., Ltd. provides the foundation for a sustainable future based on technologies and
know-how accumulated over the past 45 years, and we make growth with our customers a top priority and strive to grow to be a company providing the best quality and productivity.

  • Dyes

    The textile and ink dye sector, which is the mother of the 45-year history of Taichang Chemical Co., Ltd., provides differentiated value to customers and are becoming trusted products. Those dye products, with excellent physical properties including bright color, low salinity, high purity and stable tinctorial power, are widely used in various industries such as textiles, leather, paper and ink.

  • Functional Materials

    We are continuously developing high value products with global competitiveness and gaining a growing presence in the global market by expanding business areas, pioneering new markets and creating new demand. Our new type of aniline black organic pigments that has specialized functions and strengths and our high-quality anodizing dyes that are optimized for aluminum alloy materials can be applied to a wide range of fields such as IT devices, displays, electronic products and so on related to future industries.

  • Eco-friendly Business

    These products are the biodegradable plastic additives manufactured by ECM BioFilms Inc. from the USA. These are eco-friendly plastic materials with a new concept that can keep the unique physical properties of plastics until they are scrapped as well as address environmental pollution problems. Unlike other biomass materials such as oxo-biodegradable additives and PLA, our products make landfilled plastics biodegradable by adding only at least 1% of total amount when mixing with other petrochemical resins. These are a pellet type and capable of being applied to all kinds of olefin resins.