Functional Materials

These can be used in a wide range of fields related to future industries
such as high-tech IT new materials and electronic equipment.

Anodizing Dye

As colorants for anodized aluminum alloy, these products have excellent weather and
light resistance as well as stable tinctorial power, making them optimimal for aluminum alloy materials.

Product Information
Features Water soluble dye, excellent weather and light resistance, and fast and even tinctorial power
Use Anodized aluminum and alloy, cellphones, home appliances, electronic equipment, cosmetic containers, aluminum chassis and weaponry

Powder Form

  • TADZ Yellow 105

  • TADZ Yellow 106

  • TADZ Orange 304

  • TADZ Orange 305

  • TADZ Red 505

  • TADZ Red 507

  • TADZ Blue 704

  • TADZ Black 901

  • TADZ Black 902

  • TADZ Black 904

  • TADZ Black 905

  • TADZ Black 908