We manufacture higher-value dyes
with our 45 years of technology and know-how.

Acid Dye

These are textile dyes ideal for various fabrics including high-quality fabrics such as nylon and silk as well as sportswear with bright color and tinctorial power.

Product Information
Features Bright color, easy dyeing, great tinctorial power
Use Silk, nylon, wool, swimsuit and sportswear

Powder Form

  • Yellow 2G

    C.I. Acid Yellow 17

  • Tartrazine

    C.I. Acid Yellow 23

  • M-Yellow

    C.I. Acid Yellow 36

  • Orange 2G

    C.I. Acid Orange 7

  • Roccelline NS

    C.I. Acid Red 88

  • Blue BR

    C.I Acid Blue 25

  • Black TWS

    C.I Acid Black 26

  • Black FMB Conc


  • Fast Red E-L

    C.I. Acid Red 57