We manufacture higher-value dyes
with our 45 years of technology and know-how.

Direct Dye

These are textile dyes suitable for retailer fabrics including simple cotton, hemp cloth, denim, etc., with high quality, leveling and fastness properties.

Product Information
Features Bright color, good leveling and fastness properties, and cost reduction due to simple dyeing processes
Use Cotton, hemp cloth, ramie cloth and denim fabrics

Powder Form

  • Yellow TG

    C.I. Direct Yellow 11

  • Red GS

    C.I. Direct Red 23

  • Brilliant Red B

    C.I. Direct Red 31

  • Brown MRS


  • Black BHS


  • Black DR Conc


  • Black DX 182


  • Black G

    C.I. Direct Black 19

  • Black GEF

    C.I. Direct Black 168

  • Fast Yellow G

    C.I. Direct Yellow 86

  • Fast Red 5B

    C.I. Direct Red 81

  • Fast Pink B Conc

    C.I. Direct Red 9

  • Fast Blue GLL Conc

    C.I. Direct Blue 71